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What We Do

At ECSA, we do architecture. That’s it. We don’t do IT management, IT Operations, or project management. We do one thing and we do it very well. Now, we want to provide you what we call “Architecture-as-a-Service” or “Architecture on Demand”.

Enterprise Architecture


Architecture-as-a-Service is an effort to move your organization away from looking for head count to delivering an end-product, one that you can capitalized. In other words, allow you to move away from an Opex model to a Capex model. This helps your budget because you are no longer having to deal with a Human Resource based model.

But the problem with any “as-a-Service” model is that you want to be able to access that service whenever you need it. Your current business model means that, when you need an architect, you have to go to HR, they have to go head- hunting, and the result is that months can pass before you can start architecting your solution.


Architecture on Demand allows the Client to access Architecture services on an as-needed approach rather than having to go to tender each time something is needed. It leverages a Retainer system that is agreed to at the beginning of the relationship and, then, the Client pulls from the retainer whenever they need architecture support. The result? Delivery times speed up.

Our Clients