Our Architecture Principles

As with anything Architecture related, you must start with your Architecture Principles. The following are ECSA’s Architecture Principles relating to Architecture-as-a-Service:


Our focus is on standardization of architecture practice in order to speed up delivery and reduce costs


An iterative approach will occur for the delivery of all artifacts to ensure the Client receives what they are expecting


The expectation is that Clients will not have clean documentation that can be leveraged


The Architecture Practice will be vendor agnostic – what is best for the client will be determined, not what is best for the Vendor.


Repositories of Industry specific and Technology specific information will be built up for reuse


All templates and processes will be standardized but adapted for each client, resulting in an adaptable approach for clients (80% Baked approach)


Focus is on organizations with between 500 to 35000 employees

Industry issues we fix for our clients:

Problem finding quality Architects, regardless of domain

Time lag from demand to onboarding

Inconsistent quality delivered by Architects

Internal lack of understanding of what Architecture is

Internal lack of definition of an Architect’s role

Drive to reducing Head Count

Trying to move costs from Opex to Capex

Understanding of internal organization takes time

Each deliverable is customized so speed to delivery is reduced