Architecture vs Design – what is the difference and why it is important (Bootcamp 101)

by Boris Taratine, Partner – Chief Architect Intro Organizations more and more rely on Information and Communication Technology (ICT). ICT systems are very complex, and complexity is a systems’ weakness, because it is hard to analyze, maintain, operate, identify a failure, or recover from one.   Yet building secure and reliable systems, whether using commercial out […]

How in the World can you justify Cyber Security Expenditures?

How in the World can you justify Cyber Security Expenditures?

Okay, keep in mind that I’m a Security Architect. I’ve been one since 2000 and I’ve been in IT since 1988. So I’ve been around and I’m damn good. But more and more lately, I’m being asked to Security Technical Risk Assessments on solutions and I’m starting to ask the question that EVERY Architect should […]

Change in approach to Industry Standards?

In my last article (“The Future of the Enterprise – An ‘Orchestrator’ of efforts”), I talked about how Enterprises are starting to shift towards an Orchestrator model rather than having everything in house. So I then started looking at that future and wondering “How would security work in that model?”. It’s an interesting question that […]

The Future of the Enterprise – An ‘Orchestrator’​ of efforts

Okay, it’s been a while since I’ve written an article and I had an epiphany about the direction Business is going that I thought I’d share. And, based on my conversations with people I trust (thanks, John Lilleyman) and potential clients, I think I’m pretty accurate with what I see is going to occur. I’ve […]

RIAs Are Done Wrong: An Architectural Approach

Let me be clear. I believe people understand what risk is and the THEORY behind risk. But are organizations doing risk impact assessments correctly? In my opinion, no. It’s the reason why I wrote an RIA SaaS application and just finished it. First off, we all talk about things like Confidentiality, Integrity, and Availability (CIA) […]

Designing a PKI Solution

Over the last few days, I’ve had a number of recruiters approaching me about a contract they are looking to fill for designing a PKI solution. While I’m have done PKI design before and am interested in doing PKI design again, I’m finding more and more recruiters are trying to low-ball me for what I […]

The Success of ‘FIXED FEE’ “Security Architecture as a Service”

Folks, I’ve got to say, I’m seeing a lot of interest in ‘fixed fee’ “Security Architecture as a Service”.  As a result of one of my last blog posts, I received a lot of interest in making use of the “Security Architecture as a Service”. I’ve received 4 new contracts and 7 new and potential […]

Attn Recruiters: Why Aren’t You Partnering?

Got a question for all you Recruiters out there. Why aren’t you partnering? I ask simply because I think the IT industry is changing and, as a result, I think the Recruiting field is going to have to change. Bear me out here. When you look at the IT industry, you look at an industry […]

Blockchain – A Conversation with Albert Szmigielski, Blockchain Intelligence Group

And so it begins. The first video that we have released is an interview with Albert Szmigielski of the Blockchain Intelligence Group. Albert is the Chief Blockchain Engineer and was involved in a good conversation about Blockchain last week. If you want to see the conversation in it’s entirety, go to “A Conversation with … […]

SIEM – Not necessarily a panacea

I had someone that representing Splunk reach out to me yesterday because I think they wanted to originally sell me their implementation services with regards to using Splunk as a SIEM. But SIEMs are something I’ve been involved with for at least 10 years, though they have evolved over time. I’ve implemented ArcSight three times, […]