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For ECSA to provide the appropriate Architecture Service to its customers, we have adopted the following Reference Architecture Model. As with all solutions, there are 4 components to consider:


Governance deals with ensuring that the Architectures that ECSA provides its customers is of the quality that the customer is looking for. It also deals with ensuring that ECSA Architecture Principles are being met.


In order to develop the proper solutions, we need to make sure we leverage standardize processes. This allows ECSA to deliver consistent quality to our clients. Plus, standardization of processes allows ECSA to get better and faster at delivering to our clients.


We are Architects. But there are different types of Architects, and each Architect has different strengths and weaknesses. So, we need to ensure that the organizational structure is in alignment with delivering what our client’s want and need.


Everyone always jumps to the technological component of a solution. An Architecture Practice is no different but understanding that there are different types of technologies. Standardized templates are just one such a technology.