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Our clients want to know what we are able to deliver.

But we don’t talk in terms of technological solutions – we talk in terms of Architectural capabilities. All solutions come from Architecture, so understanding what activities we, as Architects, provide is important. When you talk about Architectural capabilities, there are 4 different layers that ECSA can provide capabilities with:


When our Clients ask for assistance in setting up or mentoring their Architecture practice, there are typically several governance activities that they ask for assistance with that allows for a level of assurance that architectures are being created properly.

Strategies & Program Management

Often the realm of Enterprise Architects and Business Architects, Strategies are architectural artifacts that envision the future of an area over the next 3 to 5 years. This can be for an entire line of business, a specific technological roadmap, or an architectural domain.

Project Delivery

Project Delivery is the realm of the Solution Architect. But there are two different types of architectural activities that occur – those associated with developing the Solution and those associated with supporting the Solution Architect.

Interaction with Operations

The Operations teams within the IT organization are the people that know what works and what doesn’t. That means that the Architect needs to be able to interact with them and gain the knowledge that they have so that an iterative loop occurs back into the Architecture Strategies or the Projects that are being delivered.