About ECSA


Enterprise Cyber Solution Architects Ltd. was formed in 2004 by Neil Rerup under the original name of Enterprise Cyber SECURITY Architects Ltd. with the intent of supplying enterprise class customers with security architecture services. Over time, ECSA evolved into an Architecture Services firm that provides various different levels and types of domain architecture support. But in order for you to better understand who ECSA is, you need to know more about where we came from. The following sections talk about Neil Rerup, the founder of ECSA, and the clients that ECSA has supported.

Neil Rerup

Neil is Enterprise Cyber Solutions Architect’s President, Chief Architect, and author of the best-selling “Hands On CyberSecurity for Architects” as found on Amazon.com. ECSA is a company that provides Architecture Services for Enterprises and large organizations around the world. Neil is responsible for putting forward the Strategic Plans and Architectures, both Enterprise and Project, for ECSA Clients.

During his career, Neil has been involved with numerous clients across Canada and around the world. He was the Security Architect for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Games (including the Enterprise Architect for the Main Media Center) and BC Hydro’s Enterprise Security Architect, which included being responsible for the Smart Meter Program’s security architecture. He also developed EDS’ Application SDLC and was the Security Architect for the creation of EDS Advanced Solutions.

Some of the projects Neil has been involved in are the development of the Security Architecture for GM Defense and the Bank of Canada, development of Security (both Policy and Technological levels) for the City of Calgary, as well as handled the Outsourced project security for such clients as Scotiabank, TD Bank, and the BC Ministry of Provincial Revenue and BC Pensions.