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10 Reasons NOT to be an Enterprise Architect

Boy, yesterday was a little slow in the work life of your friendly neighbourhood Architect here. So, while I was catching up on some reading, I ran across a rather humorous article titled “10 reasons not to be an Architect”, but was meant more for Building Architects than IT Architects.

So, to carry that thought process over, here’s 10 reasons not to be an Enterprise Architect:

  1. Good lord, have you ever tried to talk about something other than Technology with an IT person?!? 
  2. We’re supposed to be responsible for Strategy but people seldom follow our direction. 
  3. People skip proper Architecture process, complaining about how it slows them down.
  4. People blame us when things go wrong, especially when they skip proper Architecture process.
  5. The hours we work are long and undervalued, especially by that new CIO that doesn’t know what an Enterprise Architect does.
  6. “Like for Like”! Have you ever heard a worse statement?
  7. People don’t understand what we do and their eyes glaze over when we explain it.
  8. PMs will eventually reduce what the project is delivering, claiming constraints on funds and time, to a point where you wonder why you started the project in the first place.
  9. Vendors will eventually find out your name. Why in the world did God invent Vendors?
  10. To a Building Architect, you’re not an Architect. To an Engineer, you’re not an Engineer. God was taken. What in the world else can we call ourselves?